•  Please DM us with any questions before you purchase

  • Please review our policy page for any more information

  • Under no circumstances are you to screenshot or share any of the information you receive throughout the program, any information given or shared to anyone outside of the private group will be resulted in a lawsuit to the person(s) involved 



  • After you have made your payment no refunds will be issued unless agreed between Hajilat Branding and client 

  • If your payment has a Fraudulent profil you will be refined and asked to use other payment methods (you will know this in the refund email)


After payment is received 

  • A  detailed document will be sent to your email with information we need to proceed 

  • Turn around time is 7-10 business days (youtube intros & graphic services) after all information is sent we need 

  • Please DM us with a screenshot of your purchase and order number in instagram from there we will send you further information well need 


Please keep in mind 

  • We will make minor changes to designs in drafting process

  • Please make sure all spelling and sent information  is correct 

  • You will receive 2 drafting rounds any more changes after that will be an extra fee depending on the project at hand

  • The sooner you send all the information asked the sooner i can start your order

  • Processing starts the day we receive all the information need for your specific project

  • Please be sure to read all the project information requirements